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The Brooklands Concorde Experience open daily

Come and see inside our Concorde, the first production Concorde built in Britain, and experience a virtual flight taking you up to twice the speed of sound.

Brooklands made a vital contribution to Concorde since design work began in the late 1950s and the site's unique historical association with the type was the prime reason for the Museum's ambition to acquire an example for its aviation collection. The aft cabin of our Concorde tells the Concorde story from the 1950s to present day.

Also open to view, as part of your museum admission, is the original British Airways Flight training simulator*, which has been restored at Brooklands. For a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually fly at the controls of the Concorde Simulator, with the assistance of a real Concorde Captain, click the simulator button on the side menu.

Read the on-line brochure for availability and booking information for all our Concorde Packages.

* Simulator opening subject to operational circumstances






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